We’ve been busy!

Sorry for the blog lag!  I’ve been crazily organizing here.  We didn’t intend to have a break from school, but to the children’s chagrin (seriously, they get disappointed if we have even a few days without!), we are… sigh… having a bit of a break while I reorganize and get everything in gear.  Ever feel like you are trying to change the tires on a bus while it is still rolling along down the highway?

I’ve been Taming the Chaos, and Traveling Light, and have lost over 700 pounds (no, not body weight, clutter weight) this month.

Ken is making even more shelves and presently painting the playroom periwinkle.  I keep saying, “Periwinkle Prairiefrog Playroom.”  It is a gorgeous color, even if I did intend it to be more of a true blue (without the lavender undertones).

Kaira, who wanted “lavender-blue” from the beginning is delighted, and keeps singing, “Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly…”  Periwinkle is so pretty, but (as I discovered with perriwinkle bridesmaid dresses for our wedding) it is hard to coordinate other colors. I’m thinking the valances will be nice crisp white.

Kaira, being goofy and admiring the new paint color

Hmmm… what else have we been doing?  Ken baked delicious salsa/pepper jack bread which is sure to become a new favorite.  (His foccaccia is mouth watering too!)

Keianna finished learning her letters, and I didn’t manage to get a final picture of her completed letter wall.  Ah well…  She’ll be starting 100 EL here in a week or two!

Oh, and Kendra has a new dress and hat!  (She loves, loves, loves hats.)  I didn’t make it, a friend did.

If deprived of a hat she’s liable to make her own of vine-weeds.  (I think she’s the queen and Kaira is bowing to her.)

Kieran is happy and adorable. (and a mite bit droolie)

We had a field trip yesterday (just outside our gate), and watched big construction equipment dig a huge six foot hole!  I think they were installing a gas line, but whatever it was fascinated the children.  I didn’t think to grab the camera, but the girls assure me they “took pictures with their minds”.  (And those are the best kind of picture!)

Ken’s off this next week, and we are eagerly anticipating fun family times!  Then I’ll be plunging us back into  our routine.

We’ll that’s the latest in a nutshell, and since we are all a bit nutty, the nutshell is appropriate.  😉


3 thoughts on “We’ve been busy!

  1. Thank you for the contest. I am so happy to have won. I sent you an email yesterday. Let me know if you did not receive it and I will send another.

  2. Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate you! I happened upon your blog not long ago, and am so blessed by what you share. You are a dear! Thank you for sharing joy!!

  3. i *love* the hat and dress. that is so fun! and the playroom sounds fabulous. how wonderful to have a handy, industrious man (willing to work with periwinkle)

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