Its a small world after all

The song is etched on my mind and will always remind me of the aunt who took me on the Disneyland ride so many times.  In some ways we are losing small town atmosphere.  Yet, for all the changes, there are aspects of our modern world that make the world seem smaller.

I was reminded just this week when a new Pluto discussion popped up.  Last year the author of an astronomy curriculum (well, it hadn’t been published yet) took the time to post a letter to my Kaira explaining it in simple (yet not over-simplified) terms!  Isn’t it great that when a six year old pounds about a scientific reclassification, someone like Jay Ryan can just happen to “overhear” and turn it into a wonderful learning opportunity?

And where but the blogosphere can you comment on a book you’ve been enjoying and have the author just chance to “overhear” and join the “conversation”!  Hazel Mary Martell, author of one of the Viking books on our coffee table posted in my comments!  Very cool!  Thank you, Mrs Martell for taking the time to visit an comment!  (We have been really enjoying Over 900 Years Ago: With the Vikings)  What fun to see that it is indeed a small world in so many ways.

And, I’m behind on a lot of things including blog acknowledgements. Lori tagged me (over a month ago) and I’ve not yet replied.  I’ll try to do it soon, really!

And…JenBH gave me the most lovely Blogger Reflection award!  Thank you, Jen!  Wow!  (I’ll be passing the award on too, when my head stops spinning from the undeserved compliments.)

It’s a small, blog, world!  🙂


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