Jam-packed day!

Some days are so filled with activities it is hard to find a single thread to focus on for blogging! Today was one of those non-stop action days!

It was quite literally “jam” packed.  As I type, I’m listening to the satisfying “pop” of lids sealing on my jam jars!

The house is clean (except for the kitchen which I need to re-clean after the jam session.) The children are dirty. (We’ve had torrents of rain, and I indulged Keegan and Keianna letting them revel in the mud today!)

Keegan was hilarious. He had a grand time getting dirty but didn’t want to stay that way. Coming up to the door he told me, “Baffroom.” I said, “Oh, lets take you potty.” He replied, “No, not potty. Bafftub. I mud.”  I was up to my elbows in pears, and didn’t snap a picture, but he was indeed quite mud caked.

I gave them sponge baths to make them fit for indoors, but full baths will need to wait till tomorrow.

A rewarding day for all!


4 thoughts on “Jam-packed day!

  1. Dell,
    Thanks for the peaching advice. After you described the simplicity of your process, my friends brought me a 20 lb box of peaches as a surprise. So I spent 2 hours (as opposed to the 4 hours it would have taken to can them) washing, peeling & putting them in bags. Thanks for the tip!

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  3. Ahh–Keegan loves the best of both worlds!

    Natalie had a grand time sitting in a puddle last week. It was soooooooo cute until I had to wash her clothes….

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