Pears A’ Waiting

Pears ripening, waiting to be turned into jam.

I think I’ll do the Honey Lemon Pear we liked so well!

We got these lovely pears along with the peaches on Sunday.  Annie (Momco3) asked if I put anything with the peaches before freezing them (to preserve color).  Amazingly, I haven’t and they’ve never browned at all.  Perhaps it is storing them in freezer ziplocks?  Perhaps it is because our freezer is NOT the frost free kind, so they aren’t partially thawing as the freezer cycles through defrostings.  For whatever reason, they always look the same color (even a year later) as they did when I first cut them.  A friend told me they would, and I was skeptical, but lazy enough to try and am glad I did!  They always freeze beautifully!


4 thoughts on “Pears A’ Waiting

  1. Mmmm…those pears look great! I think you growing season is a little ahead of us here in Michigan. I haven't seen any pears yet! Last year I bought pears at a produce stand, that were actually "seconds" (but perfectly fine still!) and canned them in white grape juice. They are so good! I hadn't thought of making jam with pears before, but your jam sounds delicious!

    As for the peaches, my family and I have always frozen peaches and never had them get brown on us. I never even thought of putting something in them to retain their color.

    Have fun with the pears! =)
    Tammy @ Tammy's Times

  2. This is my first time to your blog and have enjoyed visiting. I would like to add you to my friends list so I can visit more often. I came here from the Company Porch and left a comment there for the Traveling Light contest.
    The pears and peaches look beautiful. The kids look like they are having a wonderful time. What do you use the peaches for after you freeze them? My mom usually gives us a ton of them and I would like to freeze them.

  3. Looks good! Hi! It looks like you are well. We have been away for about a month, but I tagged you on my blog on July 25, if you have a moment. (:


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