A peachy day!

Peaches on the table

It is truckload fruit time and we got a call that Colorado peaches would be available from the mennonites!  We picked them up yesterday after church, and the children helped me wash and dry.

Kaira washed:

Peach of a Girl

Then handed them off to the others for drying:


Keegan and Keianna were very eager helpers!

Peachy helpers!

It wasn’t the most efficient way to do it, but it was a lot of fun and allowed everyone a role!  Kaira then helped me cut them, using a real paring knife!  (With VERY careful supervision and guidance on my part, and me forcing myself to breath!  *laugh* )  She did great, and felt so accomplished!

Isn’t it fun to see them take pride in learning?  It reminded me of the book, Understood Betsy.  It also reminded me of my cousin–she told me once that she relaxed considerably and became more brave about equiping her children to responsibly use sharp knives and help with meal prep after living in Germany and seeing first hand the competence and confidence the German children had in handling knives.  Caution is necessary, certainly, but sometimes I think we deprive our children of mastering skills or doing anything meaningful.  Balance… I know I sometimes need a push to let them spread their wings!

Kaira and Kendra were curious about how many peaches we processed.  I created math problems out of their question:

1. We had 100 pounds of peaches.  Approximately 3 peaches make 1 pound.  How many peaches?

2. We filled 50 bags with 5 peaches in a bag.  (And we kept 25 for eating fresh too!) How many peaches all together?

3. Are both answers the same?  Why or why not?  Which is more accurate?

They did great!   Kendra actually figured the answers instinctively and instantaneously while Kaira computed carefully and methodically.   I think Kendra was more “free” to use logic rather than trying to grapple with rules she’d learned.  (Kaira’s in 3rd grade math, and Kendra in first.)   Both girls found the right solutions though!  Isn’t it wonderful when they can apply their math skills to daily living?


2 thoughts on “A peachy day!

  1. How come I'm in Colorado and can't get 100 pounds of Colorado peaches? =)
    It sounds like a great day. We're looking forward to raspberries.
    When you bag the peaches, do you put citric acid (or other) in to prevent discoloration?

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