S’more oatmeal please?

Chef Ken's S'more oatmeal

If your online friend’s husband serves his children odd breakfasts, mentioning it to your own husband could result in a similar breakfast for your own offspring.

Yes, Rachel mentioned at some point (I’m not sure it is on her blog) that her husband served chocolate chips and marshmallows in the children’s morning oatmeal.  Yes, I told my husband about their zany breakfast fare.  Yes, this morning Ken served s’more oatmeal.

Does he win nutritional points?  Uh, no!

Cool Dad points?  Oh, yeah!




Warning: Sharing the contents of this blog entry with your spouse could disrupt the breakfast menu in your own home.


4 thoughts on “S’more oatmeal please?

  1. This is too funny! I'll try to remember not to share it with my dh. 🙂 (Or, on second thought… I *do* like chocolate!)

  2. This is so funny because my husband puts peanut butter in his oatmeal and has convinced a few of our kids to do it too. Our kids are older than yours so not so easily convinced. He did, however, even win over our son-in-law and he loves it. I added you as my friend.

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