In under 24 hours

Yes, in less than 24 hours Kendra’s glasses have been mangled to unwearability (pending readjustment).  I think a sliding glass door and a collision with one of her sisters caused it this first time.  Why do I suspect this daughter of mine will be getting to know the optician quite well?    (And I may price out those bendable frames. )

Kaira is loving her glasses (which haven’t yet met with misfortunes, and are less likely to).  Trees have leaves, flags have stars, and the sunflower seed canister in the pantry has distinct seeds in it!  She also was delighted to see the country markings on our world map that hangs over the fireplace!  It is a big, bright world out there!

In other news we had a grand time visiting with extended family again this weekend!  Family is such a blessing.  This time a great aunt and great uncle were in town, and they are always a treat!


7 thoughts on “In under 24 hours

  1. Having children who wear glasses… we learned quickly that the titanium frames were worth the cost… especially for boys!

  2. Oh dear! I remember banging up my glasses. I walked into doors, walls, etc. You would think I would see better because of my glasses! LOL

    I can certainly understand Kaira's new joy of detail! I was 12 or so when I got my glasses, and I was delighted to see the detail that the dirt in our fields had! 🙂 And also, it was amazing that I could now read the billboards (Before I always thought that the people who put up the billboards ought to make the words larger so people could actually read them!).

    ~Tammy @ Tammy's Times

  3. When our daughter was five and got her first pair of glasses, we had a neighborhood event that same weekend… an easter egg hunt. Our girl could "see eggs all over the place!" We were so happy until she returned from the huge field WITHOUT her glasses. A week later we still had not found them. One week after that a neighborhood kid stepped on them and called us with the "good news"! But ~ even though they were the most unbreakable ones, they still tweaked out of shape :o( We think he might have STOMPED on them just for good measure.

    Your girls look so cute with glasses!

  4. If she didn't see the sliding door, maybe you're cleaning it too well. If she didn't see her sister, maybe she needs a different prescription. ;o)
    Did you ever get the comic strip I e-mailed? If you still want a snail mail hand colored copy, just e-mail where I should send it!
    Peace and Laughter,

  5. My oldest son(10yo) broke his first pair in exactly 22 hours. I was so upset~! We had gotten them from Sears Optical as we had insurance with them. Big mistake there! They were still outragious in price. To fix them we were out another $30.
    Fast forward another year. We go to Walmart Vision Center without insurance and the total bill was so much cheaper~! Son #2 also needed glasses. He breaks them completely in half. At least he kept his for a month! LOL So yesterday morning we go to Walmart and get a complete replacement set for FREE. We had bought a warranty for $15 with the glasses. sssswwwweeeeetttt!
    They learn how valuable they are after a while….or after seeing Mommy so upset. LOL

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