Happy Shirt Fridays!

It is Friday!  And Ken is off this weekend too!  (I LOVE it when he gets days off!!!)  The guys at his work started happy shirt Fridays a few years back.  Ken expanded it to wearing hawaiian or similar shirts for other fun occassions–like my niece’s birthday party last week.

He’s hanging bookshelves!  What a wonderful guy!  Handsome man, more room for books, I’m a contented woman!  (Although Ken joked that I was taking a picture of his “good side”)

And the happy shirt tradition has been passed down, as my friend Jenna said, “from dad to the lads”.

Jr Happy Shirt wearer:

2 thoughts on “Happy Shirt Fridays!

  1. I love it… Happy Shirt Fridays… how cute! What a great use of unused space… shelves up above the doorways! Only I am so short that I would need a step ladder! LOL!

  2. We are thinking of doing something like that in our house.
    Looks like it is a Happy Shirt Friday tradition that will continue, on and on! Keegan is such a cute little guy!

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