Where, oh where, have I been?

I’ve been busy with weight loss on the Front Porch.  (So far I’ve lost over 300 pounds!  No, not body weight, clutter weight.)

We’ve been to a wonderful party to celebrate my niece’s fifth birthday.

I’ve been frightening my loyal dog.  I tried on an outfit that was so unusual that he didn’t recognize me, and thinking me an intruder, advanced growling and barking to defend the family from the unknown evil before him!  He calmed down a bit when I got close enough that he could smell me, but was still a little uncertain until I changed back into my dress again.

Kaira thought the outfit was strange too, and said, “Wow!  That looks weird, Mommy!  WHAT are you trying to be?”

Are you ready to see this alarming costume that shocks my children and frightens the dog?

Are you ready?

It is very scary…

I hope I don’t frighten anyone TOO much:

Scary Costume


Actually, I think it is a cute outfit, but it just isn’t my usual “look”.  I never would have expected it to alarm the dog though!  (I tried it on to “model” it to sell it on an online forum.)


3 thoughts on “Where, oh where, have I been?

  1. I like the dresses much better. Do you make your own? I don't sew all that well so I have to scrounge around to find cute and modest dresses.

    Abiding in the Vine!

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