Remembering Priorities

Sometimes it seems that the things we would philosophically insist are our top priorities get pushed aside in the practical day to day.

I just woke up to the fact that we’ve somehow abandoned our memory work habit!  The way we do memory work is effective, simple, and really doesn’t take much time for me, just a little bit of investment making a five minute tape every week or two.  Somehow though, I got off track.  Ken recently reminded me that it is a shame to neglect something so important.  Young minds are designed to remember at their ages, and rote memory will never be easier!

The way we do memory work is similar to what Katherine Bell describes on her website.  We’ve been amazed at how effective it is!  Kaira has been doing it since she was 4 (ahem… except for this past year), and still loves memory work time each day.  (It only takes 2 1/2 minutes, twice daily.)  The excited squeels of “MEMORY WORK!” are fun to hear.  Even better is the amazing recall they have of the material!  How is it I let something easy, effective, and in my opinion essential slide?

This week after almost a year of neglect, I’m back on track, and pray that I will STAY on track!

(Oh, and Kaira and Kendra would want you to note that they both have pansies on their dresses.  They thought that was very exciting–to match in theme without actually matching!)

Here are my children deep in concentration, all plugged in.

Kaira and Kendra

'Anna and Keegan

In other news we’ve been busy!  Appointments (Dental, vision and everything are hitting all at once), out of town relatives, painting a few rooms and putting up shelves, and just lots of fun living going on!


4 thoughts on “Remembering Priorities

  1. The tape idea is so neat…I've never thought of that! I'm getting so many ideas for school from my blog reading today! :o)

  2. and knowing your priorities. I can't fit memory work up very high in my priority list and rely on store bought tapes and long tapes I made for my oldest years ago. Ah well… 🙂

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