We are having a ball here!

Ken has a long weekend and we are celebrating our anniversary.  Like Kieran in the picture below, we are having a ball.  More blog entries forthcoming.  Right now I’m just enjoying having Ken off work.

Happy Kieran


10 thoughts on “We are having a ball here!

  1. I can remember when my chubby, smiling boy was that age… with a very similar grin, I must add! Oh, how I miss smooching those cheeks of his! I almost didn't get the "dailies" done from wanting to hold him all the time :o)
    Enjoy it! You know how quickly time flies…

  2. I had never heard of forking. Wow. Thank you for telling me all about it, though. I had wondered. My mom wonders if maybe someone got the address wrong – but I am wondering if I need to check with my youth department and see if they want their forks back. 🙂

    Your frog prince is adorable!!
    I was highly amused at your blog theme. And pictures! You take fantastic pictures!!

    Thank you for coming to enlighten me. 🙂
    Bleach Free Blessings!!

  3. Good idea to have the girls play together. I played for years–really advanced stuff, but was shocked when I started playing in church, and everyone kept singing when I made a mistake! What, the world did not stop spinning???

    I tagged you on my blog…I hope you don't mind too much–I did change the question, though (from the 8 random facts…)


  4. Oh he is such a doll! They grow so fast don't they?? Do you want another one yet? 😉 It actually took me a little longer than usual after my last baby to start wanting another one- about 6 weeks instead of immediately after delivery, LOL!

  5. I can't believe how big he is already! And your girls are lovely as ever, in the picture of them at the keyboard and piano.

    I hope you had a lovely anniversary celebration!

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