Random Weekend Shots


Keianna and Kieran

Keegan and Daddy

Oldest and Youngest

The Frog Prince Sleepeth


8 thoughts on “Random Weekend Shots

  1. Your baby boy is so cute and so big already! I always loved looking at the children asleep – that is so sweet.

  2. Keianna really looks older in that picture. The brothers look very similar. I love the one of Kaira and Keiran!

  3. Hello
    I am new to your blog!
    I was just wondering if I may ask why you dress yourself and your daughters in real long dresses. I am guessing modesty or something like that but am interested in why for real. By the way I think it's real pretty eventhough it's old fashioned. Come by my blog sometime:) Our youngest babies are almost the same age. Mine was born April 1st. I have 8 children. Have a good day. Lovely blog!!

  4. Oh that's wonderful……..I really enjoy looking at your pictures…sort of reminds me of peaceful little house on the prarie or the movie"Love's long journey" Have you seen it? The series is worth watching. I am watching them with my 11 year old daughter!

  5. Hi mama-me! Thanks for stopping in!

    I enjoyed the movie Love's Long Journey too! And the others in the series!

    I just visited your lovely blog, and LOVE your thoughts on your sidebar that your blog's purpose isn't to convince other to do things your way. The same is true here!

    As to the dresses, the short answer is:

    We are slightly eccentric, and like the dresses, and find it an easy way to be feminine and modest. (Certainly pants can also be feminine and modest–and dresses can be worn quite immodestly, but the dresses are our way of going about it.)

    Also, I've always been quirky and old fashioned, so it is very "us."

    Oh, and my husband likes it. He doesn't mandate it–he's an easy-going type–but often tells me how much fun it is to take us places, and how refreshing he finds our attire. Some men find jumpers frumpy, he's the opposite, and enjoys his quaint, prairie-wife and daughters.

    I do put on a pair of jeans once every few years. After not wearing them much, even a slightly large pair feels so binding, and I miss the swish of my skirts around my ankles. Isn't it funny how comfort is often whatever we are used to?

    They are just clothes though, and really pants vs. dresses isn't a huge issue for me. Mostly it is just preference. 🙂

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