Summer Weekend Delights

It will take a couple posts for me to catch up on our weekend fun. My parents came Thursday evening and stayed through Sunday. On Saturday other relatives joined us for our annual Independence Day Party, which was a blast! (More on that in a later post.)

Friday morning, with my parents in tow, we explored a lovely local park. I was delighted in the lovely, prairie-style gardens and courtyards there. Ever since I’ve been day-dreaming of spending our summer mornings having school right there among the rose bushes and Russian Sage. Oh, how charmingly Charlotte Mason that would be!

After a tour of the grounds, Little Kieran was in need of refreshment, so I found a fairly secluded outdoor “room” where we could enjoy the scent of roses and watch yellow butterflies flit from flower to flower.  As I settled in to nurse Kieran, the older children took Grandma and Grandpa for a walk–to keep them out of trouble. (We wouldn’t want Grandma running amuck.)

My idyllic scene was soon disturbed by a cheeky squirrel. Squirrels aren’t particularly concerned about etiquette, but this little fellow perched above me in a tree, messily munching a juicy green apple. As he nibbled, chunks of apple dropped down through the branches. I moved over a bit on my stone bench, but still had to brush his crumbs from my hair.

While Kieran and I were being pelted with um… “squirrel droppings”, the children watched a family catch crawdads or creyfish or something (I’m wasn’t there, so I’m a bit fuzzy on the details). Are they the same thing; crawdads and creyfish? (I am really not knowledgeable about crustaceans, except for lobsters and crab, and even on those, my expertise is more in culinary science than in zoology.) The family my children and parents observed were crustacean savvy though! They would lower a string with a bit of hotdog, and then as the creature chomped down, lift him out quite neatly by the string. Quite a way to acquire a new pet.

The park grounds also had several tropicals inside a greenhouse, and I, like Eve before me, was tempted by forbidden fruit. Who knew that the Tree of Knowledge was really a coffee plant! My mother was the one who led me into temptation by telling me that the ripe coffee berries are delicious and very healthful, but too perishable for shipment. The coffee tree in the greenhouse had ripe, red, berries tauntingly within reach. I did manage to overcome temptation. When I confessed to my parents that I had been longing to not merely touch, but also taste, both of them shared that they’d had exactly the same thought! I don’t know which is more amazing, that we were all tempted, or that none of us succumbed. Oh, what moral fortitude!

Mug shot of the villianous rodent:

Villainous fiend

Blooming in the Garden

On the garden swing


4 thoughts on “Summer Weekend Delights

  1. Crawdads, crayfish, mudbugs… all the same creature, and all equally tasty. I usually use a piece of bacon on a string when trying to catch some during summer camping trips… they're wonderful boiled with a bit of Old Bay and dunked in a bath of butter & lemon. Yum!

  2. I've eaten crawfish before too and they are goo-ood.

    Many years ago when Evan was quite young, we were at the house of a high school homeschool student when he dissected a frog. He cut open the stomach to reveal a fully intact crawfish!!


  3. I linked to your blog off of JenIg's comments. I've enjoyed my visit. It's so fun to take a peak at such a lovely home and a loving family. Thanks for letting me drop in un-announced 🙂


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