Pyrobaby, and a Pleasant Pledge

Ken works tonight, so we had a pretty standard day here.  I did give our school time a more patriotic focus, with copywork, coloring, music and book selections reflecting the theme of our country’s independence.

Today also provided a special treat for my ears!  When teaching the girls to recite poetry, I coached  them to quote in a narrative style, pausing only at punctuation.  They were instructed to avoid exaggerated line break pauses, and prevent sing-song tones in their rhyme–all very standard tips for recitation or oral poetry reading.   Despite the fact that I trained them in this, I was stunned to hear Kaira recite the Pledge of Allegiance today!  She memorized it on her own without my interference, and recited it exactly as she’d been taught.   On this particular piece, however, I’d never heard it said in a flowing and natural way, and it is BEAUTIFUL!   Such a difference from the more halting, unison renditions I recited numbly each morning in grade-school.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,

one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

In other news: We are saving most of our fireworks for the weekend, when extended family joins us for our annual Independence Day party, but we did set off a few tonight. Kieran’s reaction was priceless! His little baby laugh was so much fun as he watched a “fountain” spark and pop! It was only on a whim that I even tipped him up to see, not quite certain that he’d really focus on it at all, but he cooed, giggled and laughed aloud the whole time. I’ve never seen him so expressive!

This weekend we will have many more fireworks to delight our Kieran!  We will also cook out over the fire pit, roasting apples and marshmallows.  What fun!

One thought on “Pyrobaby, and a Pleasant Pledge

  1. Yes, well, since I was here I thought I would give you a quick howdy! It has been far to long since I've last visited your blog and I can't believe the baby loved the fireworks. Good for him. I do love to watch and listen to children while they are watching the fireworks. This year I got to hear a little boy from our church be surprised at the colors, "Wed! Wed! Gween! Boo!" It was precious!

    Abiding in the Vine!

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