Splitting the Atom

At breakfast today Kendra was on the subject of atoms, trying to convince a skeptical Keianna that all matter is composed of them. Keianna asserted that she is not named Adam, and as far as ‘Anna was concerned, that was the end of it.

Despite Keianna’s lack of interest, Kendra was determined to discuss atomic theory further, and inquired of me, “Is there such a thing as half an atom?” I told her that I knew it was possible, albeit very dangerous business. She asked how it would be done, and I responded with my usual brilliance; “Ask your father.”

Ken took over the subject from there. ( I became engaged in smiling and cooing at little Kieran, who has not yet advanced beyond me in scientific knowledge, and converses at a level more in keeping with my own.)

When I tuned back into the conversation Ken was saying, “In a few years, when you children are a bit older we will do some neat experiments with it.”

I can only hope that there had been a topic change at some point.


One thought on “Splitting the Atom

  1. My husband is also the go-to guy on subjects involving molecular science among many other subjects that are way over MY head! LOL!

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