Shoes, potatoes, potty training and such

I found a comment on yesterday’s blog entry ironic and had to chuckle.  This has been a rare week, in that one of the children has been not only without shoes, but without pants!  In fact, in the very photo that sparked the comment, there is a reason the camera only caught Keegan from the waist up! I guess it goes to show that while I try to be real on my blog, I don’t show everything.  

Posted by MamaMahnken

What’s that boy doing watching a video? Shouldn’t he be on the potty?? hehe. On a different note, I can not belive that your kids are fully dressed, shoes and all, in the house. It has only been in the past say six months or so that I have been able to convince my kids of the neccesity of wearing clothes in the house, but even now its just jammies all day, or, their personal choice, leotards. If I asked them to wear shoes in the house, they’d think I was crazy!

They may have a point 🙂

Typically, we are all dressed before breakfast shoes and all.  It is just our habit, and works well for us.   Ken can count on being able to take a child on errands at whim, and we are almost always ready for company (so come on by!)  Just another quirky PrairieFrog preference.  I can see the appeal of being a laid-back “jammies and sock-foot” kind of home too.

The children like what they are used to though, and mine feel odd not wearing shoes.  Keegan didn’t much mind not wearing pants for our first stage of potty training, but found being denied shoes quite tramatic at first!

Happy Kitchen Helper

He might not be wearing shoes (and even lacking a few other usual garments), but he’s an excellent little potato scrubber!  He helped me with the prep work in making ragout for dinner tonight.

He’s also doing great with potty training!  Today is day 4, and he’s been nearly accident free the past two days!  We will see how he does when we ease off on the intensity though.  Church on Sunday will be a big test!


7 thoughts on “Shoes, potatoes, potty training and such

  1. We potty train the same way and have for generations in my family. The "student" goes bare from the waist down for a week, usually is horrified by depositing something on the floor all Loose-like, then it's potty time for keeps. Has worked for us like a charm. However, you mentioned Sunday coming up. We were visiting a new church after moving and potty training. His new teacher, a young thing, thought he could go all by himself. He could, just he only couldn't get his pants back up on his own. So, as we were meeting new people in the sanctuary and smiling nicely, here comes our little guy… running through the church, bare from the waist down to get me to put his pants back on!!! AAAck!!! Everyone had a good laugh and I turned four shades of crimson. It was so funny!
    Good luck with the potty training :o)

  2. I can go for the getting-dressed-before-breakfast idea; I try to do it here, although I'm looking forward to the day when I don't have to dress everyone. 🙂 But shoes? Shoes are eeevil. 😉 DOB can't wear them (nerve problems), I won't wear them (even when I worked in an office!), and we just pretty much ban them around here. But then we don't want to wear out our socks either, so we develop tough little hobbit feet. (We do wear socks and slippers in the dead of winter.)

    It does send us scrambling when we have to go out, though.

  3. Hi! I finally took your (or was it Rachel's) mama photo challenge–these were actually taken on Father's Day (dh let ladies go first), and then the batteries on our camera died…)

    I don't know how to make it be a link on a post–sorry.

    Um–how do you manage the messes during potty training?

    LoriEdited by Lori on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 7:27 PM

  4. Can you elaborate on exactly how you potty train? We're going through this with ds. He's doing great going peepee, for some reason he will not go poopoo on the potty!! argh! Do you just stay in the house and keep pants off for however long it takes? Keep him on the potty 24/7? Take him every few minutes? Thank you!!

  5. Shoes inside?? Horrors! I've always been a barefoot girl anyway, but living in Asia has totally locked me into a no shoes policy. I noticed the shoes too (in that previous pic).
    Granted, America is much cleaner than China. You can actually wear your shoes on the couch and you're not spreading disease. Ha ha!

  6. A mom I met in passing who did the bare bottom training indicated that her hardwood floors were trashed after this method (but she was moving, so it didn't matter–huh?). I figured there were more than a few messes…

    Is there anything other than leaving the bare bottom mostly in the kitchen with an upright carpet vac ready that helps him to learn quickly? (or a book you've used that explains the method…?)
    Curious and slightly dubious that we could pull that off (not doubting you, though)…sounds kind of miraculous!


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