While not doing school…

We don’t do many videos, but since we are in flex mode this week (potty training), I’m letting the children have “music camp” in the study, featuring Calvert’s Melody Lane videos.

With temperatures up in the swelterings,  it is nice relax on the couch in the heat of the day.

Melody Lane

After the small ones get up from nap I’ll let the girls go outside–things should be cooling a bit by then.  In the meantime, here’s Kaira learning about averages.  (Um… yes, somehow we aren’t very good at “not doing school.”)

I chose chocolate chips as our math manipulative to help demonstrate the concepts.  On a hot day sometimes we have to eat the visual aids before they melt.  MMMM….. math… chocolate covered math.

Chocolate Averages


2 thoughts on “While not doing school…

  1. What's that boy doing watching a video? Shouldn't he be on the potty?? hehe. On a different note, I can not belive that your kids are fully dressed, shoes and all, in the house. It has only been in the past say six months or so that I have been able to convince my kids of the neccesity of wearing clothes in the house, but even now its just jammies all day, or, their personal choice, leotards. If I asked them to wear shoes in the house, they'd think I was crazy!

    They may have a point 🙂Edited by MamaMahnken on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 at 9:44 PM

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