Horror of Horrors!

Last night at dinner we informed the girls that due to potty training Keegan, formal school will be back-burnered this week.  Kaira got a look of horror on her face and exclaimed, “No school?  That is TERRIBLE!”

In a moment she brightened though, saying, “Well, I can maybe memorize extra and spend a lot of time studying things in my notebook.”


5 thoughts on “Horror of Horrors!

  1. Oh, how precious when they love learning this much! What a beautiful fruit of your labors!
    I pray your week will go well with potty training. ;o) And if you do revisit making t-shirt dresses, I'd love to see them.

    Enjoy your week ~

  2. I know we are taking this week off, due to just constant interruptions (appointments etc..) and ds(6) has been so disappointed.

    We even went ahead and did a page or 2 of math the other day!! Of course we are still doing our read-aloud time too…

    Everyday after breakfast, he says "Are we going to do school today???"

    THIS is one of the many reasons I love homeschooling. It is fun…the children enjoy it…I enjoy it… and no one cares that it is summer!!!

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