Stones and Pounds

In honor of Father’s Day, here’s an email I got from my dad this week.  It is a classic example of his wit and humor that I so enjoy.

Your Mom said she wanted some stones, and mentioned about how many and what sizes.  She was going to go to a landscape place and get them when she had time, but I took a drive up the canyon, and stopped at a place where the road was cut through a hillside.  I got a decent batch, varying in size from the size of my fist to the size of my head.  I got 32 stones.

I checked with a scale of weights and measures, and then checked the monetary exchange rate, so my facts are accurate.

A stone is defined as 14 pounds. A pound exchanges for dollars at a rate of 1 to $2.40.
Therefore, 32 stones = 448 pounds, which would exchange into $1,075.20.

I think she owes me at least a thousand dollars.  Don’t you agree?
Love Dad


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