Bare Bottomed boy!

A few weeks ago, our pastor’s wife got a kick out of carrying Kieran around and telling everyone at church that we brought him to the service bare-bottomed!  (Or more accurately, “Bear-bottomed”)

(Edited to add: rereading this I realized I mentioned the pastor’s wife carrying Kieran; The person holding him in the picture below is not our pastor’s wife, and doesn’t even resemble her very closely.  Just wanted to clear up any confusion.)

Bear Bottomed Baby

Here he is with a “monkey on his back”:

Monkey On His Back

Boy clothes can be fun.


3 thoughts on “Bare Bottomed boy!

  1. I am red faced. We once DID bring Sierra to church "bare" bottomed. She was wearing a long dress and we had a miscommunication over who was going to put underwear on her. We didn't notice until I picked her up to carry her into the church. That was the longest mass we ever went to!

    Thanks for your comment. I wish you would tell my husband about placing the mouse on the left. I used to call him a fake left hander because he had adapted to so many right handed devices!
    Peace and Laughter,

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