Froggies rescheduled

I tweaked our schedule last week, and have been giving the “New, Improved Prairiefrog Schedule” a trial run. So far it is working great! No single day perfectly matches the schedule, as I like schedules to serve us, not us them. It is a wonderful guide though, and I keep things pretty close to it unless there is a good reason not to.

The one part that isn’t going according to schedule is me–especially the pre That morning exercise time up at the top just isn’t happening–but it will. It shall!  It must!  Um… tomorrow? Well, I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Maybe Thursday? Um… hmm.. Might as well start next week at that point, right? Yeah, next week it will happen. Definitely-maybe.

I’ve always had a loose schedule or written routine, but scheduling to the half hour is new to me, and rather daunting. With Keianna and Keegan about to embark on their Suzuki journeys, and Keianna stepping into “big girl school”, things are a bit more complex all of a sudden!

Just in case anyone examines the schedule closely and wonders, “playroom time” and “outdoor time” for the little ones just provides a “default location”. I am frequently calling them out (usually one at a time) to “help” me when the big girls are doing things that don’t require much of my assistance. Often I go into the playroom to engage them in a game or something. They aren’t just “deposited” there.  Oh, and Kieran’s schedule is just a rough guide–if he’s hungry I feed him, etc.

As I tried out the schedule last week, I realized that while it looks more structured, it really wasn’t all that foreign–I had mostly just “scheduled” the routine we were doing anyway!   It is freeing to have it printed out to guide me though.  It keeps me from reinventing the wheel each day.

FroggieSchedule Spring/Summer 2007


3 thoughts on “Froggies rescheduled

  1. Nice family (you and kids) pics below! Beautiful!

    I love your schedule! Awesome! Just today I got the Maxwell's newsletter. She was talking about how scheduling helps us to walk in the Spirit. I agree.

    But then again, I live in an unscheduled culture. It's a hard adjustment. But we are flexible.

  2. I love the way you schedule in your snacks. I should do that~especially when pregnant or nursing. I hate snacking, but it's not a pretty picture when I don't. 🙂

  3. What kind of program did you use to write up your schedule so neatly and with colors, no less?

    I've written many a schedule, but none look so nice and i'd love to figure out how to do it on the computer like that. Mine are all pencil scratched.

    Now, my very fist schedule was from MOTH and was all nicely color-coded, but that was years ago.

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