PrairieFrog on a Lilly Pad

KieranFroggie on a Lilly Pad


6 thoughts on “PrairieFrog on a Lilly Pad

  1. Too cute! You're fun with all your prairie frog stuff 😀
    His hair looks so dark! Did his sibs start out that way? All of my kids started out with BLACK hair, and now I have a blond blondie, and two brunettes. Someday I will have a dark haired munchkin that people will think actually belongs to me! Love you, Veronica

  2. Hi Veronica! I've been meaning to email you! Yes, all but Kendra (even my little blond Keianna!) had that dark hair as newborns. (So did I!) It lightened on all of them, some more than others, but except for Kendra who was born with just a bit of peach fuzz, they were all born with a thatch of dark hair! Too funny about you not having children that look like you! I don't think my blonde girls look much like me either. I can see a bit of my baby pictures in Kieran though. 🙂

    Grumpy Dave: That pillow thing is called a Boppy ®.
    It is a curved pillow that makes a great "shelf" that fits around me and goes on my lap and spares my shoulders when I feed Kieran. It also is a nifty baby seat. I don't know WHY I waited till baby #5 to get one after the chiropractor and my friends at church suggested it. It has a couple different "slip covers" for some reason this light green one made me think of a lilly pad as I saw him reclining on it. Fun!

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