Barbarians on the coffee table

No, my own sweet “barbarians” aren’t climbing the furniture. (Well, Keegan sometimes does, but we’re working on that.) We have finally resumed our history journey.

Finding “living books” on the Barbarian invasions (Vandals and Visigoths and such) proved a challenge. It really was quite a bloody time–not really the stuff to inspire children’s authors. I did find one book, now out of print, to bring the era to life for us.

One book is probably enough, as we will only briefly visiting the invasions before touching on the Arabians and then heading into the Middle Ages.


2 thoughts on “Barbarians on the coffee table

  1. Want to know something silly? My son Ian loves to find his name is words… like Canad-IAN, Ind-IAN, Corinth-IAN-s, etc. So I immediately read this as bar-bar-IAN! 🙂

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