Keianna has pretty much picked up all her letters and their sounds, so before she begins 100 Easy Lessons to learn to read she’ll get to add a new letter to the “letter wall” every few days!  (She’s been patient with her mommy.  With the eldest girls I introduced a couple letters per week and they mastered the alphabet and finished their “letter wall” in a few months.  With Keianna, I’ve drug this out for a year!)

I considered starting the lessons before finishing out the alphabet, but the children are always disappointed to reach Z and discover that their beloved alphabet comes to an end!   Being able to start “real school” is a consolation prize of sorts.

Several people asked about the templates for the letters.  I make them using an openface font in Text Art in Wordperfect.   (Microsoft Word’s Word Art does the same thing, but I’m odd enough to like Wordperfect better.)    I’m trying to figure out how to get them linked here online so that others can print them without duplicating the formatting work.

S says ssss


5 thoughts on “Ssssssssss

  1. you could save them as a pdf file (there are some free pdf converters online. Basically you "print" to the pdf program), and then upload them online. You might not be able to do that on homeschool blogger, but I'm pretty sure you can do it on freewebs- then just link to the pages.


  2. Thank you! I'll look into that, anon-tipster. 🙂

    I knew there had to be some way to do it, and that sounds perfect!

  3. I really love this idea, as you know. We will be starting our own wall very soon with Chesney. I also have to tell you I love the baby's middle name, Cade, I have a Cade also. I just blogged about him if you want a little heads up. I hope boyish trouble doesnt follow the name : 0

  4. I loved the tip for the letter wall. I am teaching my 3rd child to read and needed something fresh (for me!) We found a web site that has the capital and lowercase letter together plus 4 small pictures that begin with the sound. So far we have used sequins, cut paper, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes. Thanks.

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