Rachel’s Challenge: Getting into the picture part I

Rachel is preserving memories and sharing them with others in her two blogs: Always a Joy, and  “Rachel’s Blog” (an apt blog name!).  I know many of us are better at taking pictures than being photographed.

Children treasure pictures with mommy, and one day those pictures may bring us smiles too; Today is fleeting.Rachel’s challenge encourages us to get a picture with each child individually as well as some group shots.  Read her challenge here.

The pictures with Keianna were a little off, so we will try again later this week.  Kieran was asleep during our photo shoot, and we let sleeping babies lie.  Here are a few taken before church this morning:

With Keegan

Mommy and Keegan

With Kendra (I like this picture.)

Mommy and Kendra

With Kaira (Ack!  Only when nursing do I have a double chin!)

Mommy and Kaira

And a family photo:

(This was taken a few weeks ago on Mother’s day weekend, but should “work” for the challenge) :


Individual shots of me with Kieran and Keianna forthcoming!

Thank you, Rachel for being an inspiration.  Anyone else game to accept the challenge?


9 thoughts on “Rachel’s Challenge: Getting into the picture part I

  1. I guess I could still do it, but it will take a while. Three of my four sons live away from home. The oldest (Ray) lives in Story, WY, about 35 miles away, but I see him pretty frequently.

    The second oldest (Paul) lives in Alpine, WY, south of Jackson, where he works. Brian, our third one, lives with Paul this summer and works in the same office in Jackson, until he goes to Laramie for the fall semester of college. I will see them in a few weeks when I go to work some more on cleaning and painting the inside of Paul's house that he bought last September.

    Tom lives at home on weekends and lives with Ray during the week because they both work together in the oil fields, so getting a picture of the two of us should be easy.

    So, if I work at it, I can meet the challenge of having my picture taken with each son individually. Then, getting us all together for one picture will be the hardest part because we'll have to wait until Paul comes home for a holiday.

    I should also get one taken of my husband and myself. Our 35th anniversary was yesterday! We should have had Tom take a picture of us. I think the last time one was taken was on my 50th birthday, eight years ago. My 58th was on June 2.

  2. This is a great idea!! That is a beautiful dress you have on, did you make that one?

    I'm usually very good about taking pictures of myself with the kids. Most of that is for morbid reasons, I watched a friend of my mom's die when I was a child. She left behind 5 kids. I have never forgotten that and now that I have my own children I've had a pressing reminder that life is fleeting and God forbid if something ever happened to me, I would want them to have lots of photos of memories with me. That's probably a wrong reason for doing something like this, but it definately motivates me! I love pictures and would always rather have more pictures than not enough.

  3. Thanks for the challenge–I just managed to get our DV recorder connected to the computer, so I might be able to pull it off (If I can find someone to take our picture!)


  4. Funny that you posted this. Tonight at VBS I asked someone to take my picture infront of our stage while holding Baby Bear. I don't have very many pictures of me and my children. I am going to take this challenge and I will post them when I get them all taken. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. There are tons of pictures of my kiddos with my husband, but none of me with the kids. Maybe it's because I'm a control freak and I don't trust that people will get the best picture possible. I guess I need to chill out and let someone take my picture.


  6. That's an awesome idea. As much as I dislike taking photos of myself, I know they will love them one day. Thank you for relaying this challenge.

  7. I think I'll wait till I lose a little more weight. (Double chin. WHAT double chin?!?)
    Anyway, I came by to tell you I'm using your entry for a comic strip. You can e-mail me if you have any specific way you want Kendra to look (I drew her with braids, but I see now that she has a shorter cut, my bad). I want to keep her name the same because, well, otherwise the punchline doesn't work.
    I'll contact you again once it's all inked in about mailing you a copy.

    Peace and Laughter,

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