Once in a blue moon

If you’ve been planning things to do “once in a blue moon” tonight’s the night.  Well, maybe.   Here for a Nasa article that um…”sheds some light” on it.

According to some definitions, a “blue moon” occurs when there are two full moons in a calendar month.  By that definition, tonight qualifies!  There are several other definitions though, and I think I’m turning blue trying to comprehend the entire controversy.

It is wise to back up your blog once in a blue moon (or more often).  Especially if you blog at HSB and they are about to have a server upgrade!  (Three cheers for the upgrade.  Things have been bumpy and this should help iron things out.)  Tia tells us about the upgrade and links to great back up advice on the Front Porch.  Click here to read all about it!

Edited for correction: My husband and children tell me that the full moon and blue moon was yesterday, not today.  Once in a blue moon, I get my facts wrong. 


One thought on “Once in a blue moon

  1. That's really neat! 🙂 It's funny that you posted that…..on Thursday, my family and I were coming home late from my brother's baseball game, and my little sister Karah (3) looked out the windshield, and exclaimed, "Look! The moon is blue!"
    Well, it was! If you looked at it through the blue-ish tint at the very top edge of the windshield! 🙂 It was really neat….
    Anyhow, I really enjoyed this post, and that article! 🙂

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