Kaira and Kendra have been enjoying worship dance lessons the past few months.  Their instructor, an 11 year old homeschooled girl, has kept them well motivated, and it has been fun for all involved.  (Albeit a bit disorganized at times.)

The girls have had a grand time, and the performance was very sweet.  I did a horrid job photographing it.  Somehow I couldn’t get the camera focused right for a well-lit stage in  a very dark room.  I was taking photos from the very back of the sanctuary as well.  I’m sure that didn’t help.  (Note to self–get performance photo taking tips from my photographer Daddy.)

Here are blurry photos of the performance:

(Kaira–screen right)


(Kendra is the tall blonde in the middle)


And Kieran, enjoying the evening in his own way

(on my dear Mother-In-Law’s shoulder):


7 thoughts on “Performance

  1. Hi Dell, I came over from Amandasangels. I have really enjoyed your blog. I need to ask, where did you find those adorable pants for your girls, the ones under their dresses. My almost 8 year old daughter wears dresses a lot and I know she would love those. Thanks.
    Be blessed,

  2. Dell,
    I love your blog and you have such a beautiful family! I have a three year old and a seven week old. I work full time and have them at a daycare 😦
    I leave my house at seven in the morning and don't get back home until six at night. I have no idea how to get my household under control. I try to go to bed by 10:30, so that leaves me four and a half hours to get dinner, baths, housecleaning, and laundry done as well as spend time with my family.
    My daughter doesn't listen and whines a lot. What little training I can get done with her on the weekend is trashed once she goes bak to her daycare during the week. I've tried spanking, counting, yelling, taking away toys and priveliges; nothing seems to be working. She is great to her little sister, but won't listen to me or my husband. I have Raising Godly Tomatoes and have been trying to use that, but I am just not home enough for anything to stick with her. I love her with all my heart and I want to enjoy her again!
    My husband and I are trying to work our way out of debt so that I don't have to work anymore, but right now we have to have my income to make it. We don't live in a huge house or drive new cars or anything. In fact our house was probably the least expensive on the block and there is no way we could buy a house for that price now unless it were a one bedroom. Our cars, one was given to us by my MIL and the other, well we did get kind of ripped off on it but we coudn't have left the dealership that day because the car we drove in broke down in the dealership parking lot.
    I am sorry to just ramble on and on, I'm just feeling really overwhelmed right now; laundry and housework and bills are eating me alive. What I can't stand is knowing that I'm not fulfilling the roll God gave me as a wife and mother. I want to be the kind of wife and mother that my children rise up and call me blessed and that my husband, too, extolls. How do I get there without losing my mind in the proccess?
    I thought maybe you had some advice or at least some prayers you could send up…
    God bless you,

  3. Thanks for the update. I'm glad they are enjoying it.

    I love baby cheeks and the way their mouths pucker when sleeping!

  4. To Anon (TN)

    It sounds like you love your daughter bunches, and I'm sure she knows that. That will help! Consistancy is hard when you are working and not home. OOF! I don't really have a ton of advice for your situation, except for be as consistant as you can in the hours you have. I know if I were working we'd have things very simple at home–streamlined meals, fewer toys, etc. It seems that my children's attitudes are more cluttered when they are overwhelmed with options, and with my working we would need even less "stuff" to clutter their hearts. I'm not sure if that will help you or not though.

    I just said a prayer for your family as you continue working toward being debt free! May God bless your efforts, and give you wisdom in raising your family. Your post shows you to have a great heart for your family and for Him.

  5. Jenn,
    The bloomers under their dresses are made by my wonderful mother-in-law! I'm so blessed that she makes them! The girls wear ankle length in winter and above the knee bloomers in summer. I think my mother-in-law adapted the pattern some, but she used a pattern from

    Hope that helps!

  6. Love the pics! I know my Mandi would love to see your worship dance stuff. She teaches sign/expressive worship to our girls in our hs group.

    Thanks for sharing….. and I love his sweet cheeks!
    YOU are blessed.

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