Organization by Minimization–Keeping it Simple

In response to the last post: Your blog, Dell, is an inspiration. You have blessed my life in a tangible way by opening up your life in your blog. I do not have delusions about you being perfect, but to do everything you do is quite remarkable. If you have any tips on how you manage your time, I would be happy to hear them! (: Lori

Ack! Lori, First, thanks for the compliment!

I feel poorly qualified to answer questions on time management at the moment–I think I’m at my most discombobulated lately, and I’m not usually as combobulated as I’d like!

Time management is a broad category.  I often highlight certain aspects in Taming the Chaos–my weekly organizational column on the HSB Front Porch.  (Surprise, Lori!  I featured your blog this week!  Yep, you ask me about organization, and I turn the tables and feature your blog on that very topic!)  In all honesty though, my time management skills aren’t that well honed.  Instead, the tools I employ most in running our home are child training, and organization by minimization.

But, I’ll try to stay on topic: Time Management:  Hmmm… I have a flexible daily schedule (more of a routine than a schedule, really) and then a weekly routine (certain chores on certain days–you can see them in my sidebar). Our days have rhythm, and a loose structure that serves as glue to keep things from falling apart.  Daily  “quiet play” time for all non-nappers provides down-time for all of us.

When the morning goes well the rest of the day flows easily. With that in mind, I try to get the most important things done before lunch. (Somehow lunch keeps getting pushed back later and later though–oops!)

Simple is best for most our fun stuff–I like low mess, low time commitment projects that still give the flavor of  hands-on without much hassle. Keeping errands and outside activities to a minimum is essential for our family at this stage. (Even when I don’t have a new little one.)

In essence, I just like to boil things down to the essentials and strive for simple beauty and fun in our days rather than clutter or complexity.  Energetic, fast-lane, families would likely find us dull!

We are more like the feris wheel than the roller-coaster.  Roller coasters are fun briefly, but things go by in such a blur.  We PrairieFrogs are slower-paced folk who like to observe the world around us.


2 thoughts on “Organization by Minimization–Keeping it Simple

  1. Beautiful! That sounds much like what we are settling into. It's rather lovely actually. 🙂 Can you describe a typical day for you? I had no idea you wrote a column, I'm off to check it out!

  2. Oh, Dear! Thank you so much for highlighting my blog, Dell. (: You make me laugh, you table-turner, you! I wrote the "Quandary" precisely because I struggle with it! I didn't know about your chaos taming posts, but I added it them my favorites and look forward to going through them.

    Thank you for sharing your practices. The way you write them makes it seem obvious, but it is profound to be challenged with child-training and minimization. I've been working pretty hard on the one (and occasionally stewing until I realize I'm not working as consistently as I ought), and the other is a challenge… Thank you very much!


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