The week of the shoe

I don’t think I’ve ever purchased so many shoes in one week in my life!

Keegan needed everyday shoes.

The girls needed dress shoes.

Kendra also needed everyday shoes.

Ken ordered shoes for work.

I needed summer shoes.  Oh, did I splurge!  I have NEVER spent so much on a pair of shoes, well.. I guess my Laredo granny boots were close. I bought a pair of Propét.  I always see them in catalogs directed toward people a generation or two older than I am, but I just couldn’t find a closed toe summer shoe that suited me at Walmart like I usually can.  (I don’t like to wear sandals.  I like socks–strange, I know.)

The girls needed ballet shoes for their dance recital.  I should have purchased them months ago and they could have used them for practices too, but because they weren’t required for practice, I just never got it accomplished.  Very irresponsible, I know.  I did discover that Kendra is nearly impossible to fit in a ballet shoe.   We had to go up a size and a half to the size Kaira usually wears.

Not being one of those ladies who likes closets full of shoes, but rather favoring just a couple of versitle pairs, I’m in shoe shock!


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