Ready for occupancy:

Ready for occupancy: Cozy one bedroom, furnished new-construction:

The girls called me outside to see their fairy house yesterday.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was actually quite impressed with the thought and care they had put into construction and furnishing of the small abode.

Shingles which had blown off the neighboring house serve as walls and roof.  A little styrofoam peanut is a bed.  Dog fur, leaves, and rocks add further ambiance.  It really looks quite cozy!

Fairy House-Exterior

Fairy House-Interior

And here is Bryn, our faithful Corgi–his fur helped furnish the fairy home.   (And I liked this shot of him and wanted some excuse to share it on here.)


One thought on “Ready for occupancy:

  1. I like your fairy house. At first I thought it was a big, huge house from reading before I saw the pictures. Are there any fairies living in it? I want to build one like it too.

    I've been reading fairy tales. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast (not Disney). I like the part when the Beast turns into the prince. I'm writing a fairy tale now about a mermaid.

    Thank you Kaira for the comment on my blog!

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