Memorial Day Assignment

My sister sent me a neat Memorial Day idea: She had my sweet, adorable, four year old niece write a letter to a soldier.  This can be a great opportunity for teaching penmanship, composition, spelling, history, politics, patriotism, geography (find Iraq or the location of the unit on the map), and many other things!  Most of all, it can encourage our troops!

We used to get an address.  (There are subcategories such as AnyAirman, etc).  You can use a sorting feature to handpick a soldier by choosing which branch of military, gender, or where the branch unit is from, etc.

The girls will be writing their letters on Monday.  Today we begin by praying for our soldier, and explaining (in child size bites) the war in Iraq.

(Ken is heading up the current-events discussion as we all roll balls for chocolate chip cookies and bake focaccia bread for the church potluck tomorrow.  Yum.)


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Assignment

  1. Thank you so much for posting that! I've been wanting to write to soldiers for a really long time, but never knew where I could get addresses, or what I needed to do. Thanks for posting that, and happy writing! 🙂


  2. Ah,
    I've been wanting to have the boys do this. Thank you for the link and the motivation. I know what we're doing now for writing this week!


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