Dell needs… Fun with Google searches

Christina over at Comics, Coffee and Catches posted a fun entry–actually all her entries are fun, but this provided me some easy, nursing-chair entertainment.  She entered “Christina needs” into Google’s search engine and found some unique results.  I knew my own results would be influenced by the fact that Michael Dell stole my name to use for his last name and stuck it on a line of computers.  Still, it did yield some amusing entries:

Dell needs your support

Dell Needs a Clue (from a site named at that!)

Dell needs radio shack

Dell needs to fundamentally change

Dell needs to be more creative

Dell needs a physical presence

Dell needs better support

Dell needs to focus on what’s important

Dell needs to get back to the basics

Dell needs to act now

Dell needs to refocus

Dell needs to “get it”.

Dell needs to play a new game,

Dell needs to get on the ball

Dell needs to restore faded luster

And my favorite:

Dell needs a replacement

I entered in “Dell wants” too, just for fun. Most weren’t very inspiring to me, but I did like, “Dell wants to be cool again.”


8 thoughts on “Dell needs… Fun with Google searches

  1. Thanks for playing along!
    Also thanks for the comment. The kids always try to stump me. My son neglected to take pictures of the walrus, hermit crab, tigers that I painted! I'm so glad I homeschool. I used to spend all my time painting Little Mermaids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Jennifer Needs… A list of things google thinks Jennifer needs

    HA HA!! Really that was one of the first.

    BUT — I quit reading after a while — because apparently Jennifer is a popular p*rn girl name. :/ YUCK… I don't think I need ALL those things.

    But it was funny for a while!!

    Funny post…

  3. I identify with the "needs a replacement"!

    I'm glad to know that Kaira likes Sophie's site. It will be more incentive to post. Thanks!

    It takes a mom to understand the need for chocolate (the substitute serotonin)!

  4. Hmmmm….that was interesting. Apparently I need a man, a childhood, two therapists, and a new…uh….chest.

  5. I tried it. Apparently "Renee" is on some "model search" program and is not well liked so there was a lot of "Renee needs to get over herself" and Renee needs to remove objects from body parts :O I think THIS Renee is very satisfied with her own life, thank you very much 😀

  6. Going by my name I have some problems! lol I posted mine on my blog. This was fun. Thanks. Many blessings.

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