Kendra is having fits

No, she’s not having tantrums; She’s trying on summer clothes!

Clothes that fit go in one pile, too small in another, and too large in yet another.  After trying several outfits in succession and finding them all satisfactory, she cheerily announced, “I’m having lots of fits!”

Having another fit!


4 thoughts on “Kendra is having fits

  1. and I too am glad she's having lots of fits. But what I'm really looking at in the picture is your bookshelves, as a little sigh of envy escapes my lips. It seems we never have enough bookshelves around here. It must be that, because no way is the problem too many book…lol.
    BTW, Kendra looks very tall for 5! She is beautiful, of course. Blessings, Veronica

  2. Yes, she is tall—both Ken and I are on the taller side, so I guess it is natural the children will be tall, but sometimes when I see the children next to others their age it really shocks me.

    I too can never have enough bookshelves. Ken is hoping for time to do more wall mounted shelves high up on the walls, and I'm TRYING to be patient. I know, with those shelves in the picture I should be content, but… there are just SOOO many books–dear "friend" books that we couldn't possibly part with!

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