Dandelion Cookies

We really enjoy edible flowers!  The children often help gather violas to brighten a salad or herb blossoms to garnish the main dish.  Stuffed tulips are one of my favorite spring time recipes for a brunch or luncheon.  When I saw a recipe for Dandelion Flower cookies, I sent the girls out to harvest our bountiful dandelion supply.

The recipe had a higher oil and honey to flour/oat ratio than I’m used to, so I replaced 1/2 the oil with applesauce.  I may tweak it more next time and also substitute applesauce for 1/2 the honey.  A pinch of baking soda might find its way into the next batch too.

The cookies were good though, and worth trying again!  I especially like the fact that it uses honey instead of refined sugar.

Here’s a picture of my girls gathering dandelions.  (I didn’t photograph the finished cookies–I don’t photograph cookies, I eat them!)

Hat tip to Dalyn, Queen of Quite Alot


2 thoughts on “Dandelion Cookies

  1. I bet my girls would think it was really nifty if I told them they could start munching on all those dandylions in our yard, but I am so very allergic to them that I am afraid to try, for fear one of them will be too, and we'll find out the hard way. Still it would be fun. Do you eat them raw? And, can you cook them? Cooked foods don't irritate my allergies so much; like raw apples make me itch, but apple pie is a whole 'nother story… 🙂

  2. mmmmmmmmm….glad you tried those cookies- I didn't have the courage! I have a male dog in the yard ")
    BUT- I am begging for your stuffed tulip recipe. Please!
    ps- I love frogs, so I really adore your froggie theme.

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