Construction Zone!

The children (oddly the girls especially) have been fascinated with construction work!

As we pass a site with workers and equipment, our van erupts with cheers!  In fact, coming home from piano last week I took an alternate route to (gasp) miss the construction.  I thought perhaps the children wouldn’t notice–I was wrong, of course.  They were gravely disappointed.  I’ve since made sure we take the slower route, right through construction zones.

The girls began asking to wear the brightest clothing they own.  How lacking their wardrobes are: they own very few dresses in neon-orange!

Secretly I ordered construction hats (a dozen for just $5.95!), and cones (which should be fun for many games through the years).  Just for fun I also purchased some wrist ribbon things to wave as flags.

I didn’t tell them what I ordered, but played up the surprise factor, divulging only that a box was coming.  Each day we checked the online tracking and followed the shipment’s progress on the US map!  (Sneaky little geography lesson, huh?)

My little construction workers are thrilled!

Keegan and Kendra--hard at play!


5 thoughts on “Construction Zone!

  1. A week or so ago, when I read your post about your "no elbows in your ear" rule I thought you have the best ideas; but not because they are extrodinary, they are just wonderful in their simplicity. Why can't I have ideas like that 🙂 This is another great idea, and, as always, your kids are too cute. And just to let you know, I totally *stole* some of your rules… 🙂

    Love and Blessings! Veronica

  2. I guess a girl can wear a construction hat and still look cute and feminine! (:

    In response to the last post: Your blog, Dell, is an inspiration. You have blessed my life in a tangible way by opening up your life in your blog. I do not have delusions about you being perfect, but to do everything you do is quite remarkable. If you have any tips on how you manage your time, I would be happy to hear them!


  3. I chuckled when you mentioned the girls being so interested in construction. My Maggie once told us she wanted to be a backhoe driver when she grows up…guess that's the sort of thing to expect when she is in a house full of boys! Those wrist "flags" look neat-o.

  4. Lori,

    I'm going to try to get my brain cells organized into a post about my time management (or lately the lack thereof.) 🙂 Stay tuned… Although, don't get your hopes up, it is a work in progress.

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