Lady of Leisure

I’ve been slowly weaning myself from the lazy leisure that has been my indulgence since Kieran’s birth.  Next week I hope to add in a bit more.

School has been “in session”, but it has been a scaled back version–primarily just the three Rs. Next week I hope to resume our History studies and some fun science stuff. It should also make for more interesting school-related blogging. Math lessons are great, but seldom entertaining to relate.

Keegan and Keianna’s “school” time has also been neglected, and I’ll be working with them more in the next few weeks!

Another goal is to resume my T-Tapp exercise regime. I allowed pregnancy icks to break the habit. (A habit I’d just barely formed before pregnancy.)

Until Monday though I’m going to continue lazing around! Company is coming tonight–my parents! We are looking forward to fellowship and some prairiefrog play.

Here’s Kaira doing her schoolwork while rocking her baby brother!


5 thoughts on “Lady of Leisure

  1. Dell,
    I hope you don't mind, but I just wondered which T Tapp workout you use. I have looked at the T Tapp site a few times, but didn't know whether or not to buy and/or what to buy.
    I hope you guys have a blast with your parents. That picture is priceless!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  2. I did t-tapp regularly from April – November 2005. I too quit when pregnant with Logan, but I did not have any sciatic nerve pain like I did with all my other pregnancies. I really think that is due to t-tapp which strengthened my core. I felt in shape and energetic when doing t-tapp regularly. Unfortunately, I still haven't restarted it. I'd love to feel better soon to the point of exercising regularly. Are you doing the basic workout or the total workout?

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