Fleeting Expressions

Newborns exhibit a fascinating range of facial expressions.  The pictures below were all snapped within seconds of each other, capturing a wide variety of changing moods, and even a yawn almost big enough to swallow him up.  I think the pose in the lower right corner is my favorite–tongue out and all!


12 thoughts on “Fleeting Expressions

  1. That one is my favorite, too. All great shots, so crisp and clean.

    He looks just like your husband–who must be ONE PROUD PAPA!

    MEredith from Merchant Ships

  2. One month old already?!?! Wow, he's getting so big! Those pictures are adorable!!!

    Tammy (Tammy's Times)

  3. 1 month already ??!! WOW !!!! He has really changed from the 1st pics. just days (and hours !!) old !! He is so cute, really looks like he`s got personality !! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pics. with us. Hope your feeling a little more rested.
    Take care,

  4. I think I like the upper right corner because he most looks like your husband there. Funny how a baby boy can look like a man! 🙂 He's dressed so nicely as you children always are. You are a mom who pays attention to detail.

  5. I cannot believe he's already a month old!!! He's getting so big, oh they grow too fast! What a cutie, I love his dark, fuzzy hair.

  6. He has A LOT of hair! I love the tongue sticking out. Logan just started sticking his tongue out sideways.

  7. I always come read your blog to see what's going on with you and your little ones. Congratulations on the new baby!

  8. For your comment on my blog about year round schooling. I too love being a year round homeschooler.
    Your baby is adorable! Congratulations!

    Donna Scott

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