Family with screaming baby photo

Here we are with a screaming Kieran this morning!  Ken looks a bit crazed, Kieran is beet red and furious, Kaira looks incredulous, Kendra looks mischievous, Keegan and Keianna look impish, and I look goofy and as if I have a disembodied head, but for some reason I really like this picture!


5 thoughts on “Family with screaming baby photo

  1. but you got everybody else pretty much right on! lol. Thanks for sharing with us! My girls are always looking at screaming baby pictures and coming up with a million and one excuses about why they were so: "I was so so hungry", or "I missed my mommy" if someone else was holding them. You've got to have a few to balance the angelic 🙂

  2. Well I think it's a great family picture! It captures perfectly where everyone was at right at that moment! 🙂 What a beautiful family you have, I've never seen a pic with all of you before! 🙂

  3. The photo is great. Why? Because it's real! A goofy mom, a frazzled dad, a crying baby… that's life, right? But you don't look goofy at all. I just used YOUR word. You look GREAT! Especially after having FIVE children!

    Blessing to you and yours.

    Thanks for nominating me for Thinking Blogger. Yours is my third one! 🙂

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