Sleepy Mommy, Sleep Blog

The blog has been sleepy because I’ve been sleepy. I’m not entirely sure WHY I’m so tired. Labor was easy, and recovery a breeze really. Kieran is sleeping well at night–I do wake him every 4 hours at night to nurse him, but he sleeps in between feedings.

We’ve been doing well though.  Children have been playing “construction workers” outside (when not engaged in their studies or doing family stuff.)   We are enjoying the warmer weather.  Tonight we grilled (steak and mahi-mahi) and made homemade icecream!  (Strawberry!)  Life is good.

Yawn.  I think I’ll hurry and clean up the kitchen so I can head to bed.


4 thoughts on “Sleepy Mommy, Sleep Blog

  1. I hope you're catching some! 😉

    I just wanted to let you know that you've been awarded the Thinking Blog Award. Come on over and find out more…


  2. I am so happy to hear how the baby is progressing. It does get tiring caring the little ones in our bellies. I found it helpful to take a tbs. of black strap molasses (locally processed) in water (mix it) and drink it. The iron content would really pick me up quickly, better than a cup of coffee.

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