Mordecai’s piano performance

Grandma stopped in today, and the children wanted to regale her with piano performances.  Each of the girls played a piece or two, then bowed dramatically.

Keegan–age two–hasn’t formally started lessons, but was determined to be included.  He too climbed up on the bench and improvised a piece or two.  At the end we asked whether he as going to bow, but he was already preoccupied with some new adventure, and isn’t one to stand on ceremony.

Kaira observed, “Keegan reminds me of Mordecai.”

My tired brain didn’t understand at first.  Finally it dawned on me–Mordecai refused to bow! (To Haman’s aggitation.)

The girl knows her Bible.


5 thoughts on “Mordecai’s piano performance

  1. Hello Dell,

    I noticed you mentioned being tired. How is the baby nights ? Have you been able to rest, or are you up the typical every 2 hrs. ? Sometimes in the beginning they tend to sleep a good deal, but every baby is different.
    I am new to HSB, but have truly enjoyed reading all your Prairie frog blogs. I love the way you are raising your family and have enjoyed the pics. you so faithfully post.

  2. Very cute! (:

    Congratulations on Kieran's birth–he is a cutie, and I esp love the pictures of the feet. (:

    I want to thank you again for posting your resources, and for your comment at the shed many months ago (how do you know your children are loving God). It encouraged me immensely in raising our children in the Lord, and I also got a ton of great resources we are using with our children. Our 3yo loves the Mighty Mind especially, and I have gotten quite a few things from Timberdoodle that have been very helpful (I learned of Timberdoodle on your website).

    Lori (Dynx)

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