Jumbled updates– Baby, School, Lenten Season…

Sorry I’ve been quiet here in the blogosphere. I’ve just been lazily enjoying my wee ones, including our new little Kieran.

I’ve been a little slow getting our routine adjusted around and back in full swing. School has continued though–in fact, Kieran was born on a Sunday, and the very next day Ken did school with the girls! We could have taken time off the academics, but we so enjoy the school portion of our day that it seemed a shame to give it up. He continued school the whole first week, and I’ve tried to keep up on the central subjects this week.

We’ve been enjoying hiding/seeking an additional Resurrection Egg each evening and reading the corresponding devotions and scriptures as we journey toward the cross.

Our little tomb is set up, and tomorrow we will seal it and place the Playmobil centurions outside it as sentinels until Sunday morning. (The link goes to pictures of the tomb from last year.  It looks the same this year except that we added another guard.)  Tomorrow evening and Saturday we will dim the lights as well. Minimal lighting is a reminder to us of Christ’s time in the tomb. Turning the lights back on Sunday morning is dramatic as we’ll have adjusted to dimness over the previous day. It is a vivid reminded of darkness we would be in without Jesus and the light we have in serving a Risen Lord!


3 thoughts on “Jumbled updates– Baby, School, Lenten Season…

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Your activities got me motivated to go out and create a little garden tomb scene for the ducklings.

  2. You are so sweet and a friend I treasure from the blogosphere! I am impressed that your family is keeping up with school.

  3. I saw your tomb last year and made a mental note to go that direction this year with our family. Then completely forgot about it. 😦 What wonderful resurrection day traditions you have! Great ideas, all of them!

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