Our littlest blessing!

It’s a boy!

Little Kieran Cade arrived this morning one minute before 1:00 AM. He’s healthy and adorable (pictures forthcoming), and is already much doted on by his siblings.

He’s six pounds ten ounces, and 21 inches long, took to nursing immediately, and is a sweet peaceful baby thus far.

After a comparably leisurely 4 hour labor, I’m doing well.

Ken is off work this week to take good care of us.

More later.

13 thoughts on “Our littlest blessing!

  1. Congratulations on your new little blessing. Glad to hear Mom and baby are doing well.

    Karen (sevenisheaven from the 'shed)

  2. I just recently became a member of HSB and in the short time I`ve been using this site, it has truly enhanced my life.

    Your entries are wonderful, god has blessed your family !!!!

    Congrats on your new son, I`m amazed that you are at the computer today !!!!!

    I sent you an email, earlier,but as I didn`t see it posted with the other comments, I assume that I made an error and you didn`t receive it.

    I will check your "prairie blogs" for updates on your beautiful family !!

    Congrats once again and God bless,

  3. So happy to hear your wonderful news, Dell. May the Lord bless this precious little man abundantly and be gracious to him all the days of his life, drawing close to him and leading him in His ways. Love, Lucy x

  4. What a beautiful, healthy little man!! So happy for you all!!! The pictures are just wonderful, and he looks very cute!!

  5. What a beautiful, healthy little man!! So happy for you all!!! The pictures are just wonderful, and he looks very cute!!

  6. How absolutely delightful, especially for Keegan, who will soon be enjoying his little playmate (even more than he is now!)
    I am quite jealous of how tiny you looked in the pics you posted before the birth. I don't know how to gain less than 45 pounds, and I get absolutely gi-normous. Unfortunately, Bookfreak (she with the digital camera) failed to take pictures of my girth, so you all missed out on seeing ol' hippopotamous me.
    (Your disappointment is, no doubt, keen.)

  7. Wow! I'm soooooooo impressed that you'd be able to post an entry on the day your baby was born! That's AWEsome!

    BTW, I really like the picture of the doggy licking the baby's feet. šŸ™‚

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