Treasure hunt!

Today the sun came back out!  (Yesterday’s overcast turned into a lovely spring rain–The kind that really soaks into the soil!)  Spring does come late here, but I declared that today we would do a treasure hunt–seeking signs of spring!

Tulip follage is poking through, and the crocus are in bloom!  A few brave violas are even showing their pretty faces!  Kendra found lots of insects too–another sign of spring, I suppose.

The girls sketched their finds.


4 thoughts on “Treasure hunt!

  1. Those are lovely pictures of the flowers and the girls! Spring is my second favorite season (summer is first (even in Texas;-)) and I think brand new flowers are my favorite part of it. I checked out a pictoral guide to flowers you can find by the roadside, in Texas, from the library, since everything is blooming. Just beautiful!


  2. I've been desperate for spring here as well. We saw our first robin yesterday (on the first official day of spring!) and have lots of buds opening on our trees, tulips rising. I'm glad you're enjoying the spring! Blessings with Baby K any day now.

  3. It is so nice to have Spring finally here. Not that winter in my parts was hard, but it was cold.

    Have you told us what names you have picked out for this new little one or are you saving that as a surprise?

    Abiding in the Vine!

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