First day of spring!

Ironically, today’s weather is much less springy outdoors than it has been for the past week. We’d enjoyed some lovely warm temperatures, and while I know that another storm is likely and the leaves won’t even bud on the trees for a few months, it has been nice to let the children run outside.

Today is overcast again though, reminding me that the seasons don’t heed a printed calendar. Fortunately, I enjoy overcast days!  A candle, a book, and I’m snug and cozy–there is a certain melancholy romanticism to an overcast day too.

Soon, the tulips will poke through the soil, and spring will finally visit us in full.  Meanwhile it IS fun that the calendar says “spring”.  Our wee one hasn’t joined us yet, and will be our first SPRING baby!  All the others have been fall/early winter!


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