Siblings Prepare!

Today Ken took the children to pick out little gifts for the baby!  We certainly have no need of baby toys, as babies tend to be more interested in everything OTHER than baby toys, in my experience.  Still, we enjoy this tradition, as a way to help young siblings participate in, give to, and welcome the expected new addition.  When baby arrives, each child will be able to present his or her gift.

Keegan and Keianna made their gift selections quickly, but Ken says that the big girls deliberated and considered extensively before determining which toy would be “just right”.

Gifts for the littlest PrairieFrog


2 thoughts on “Siblings Prepare!

  1. Great plan. I did that with a few of my babies… I wonder why I quit doing it. I love teaching my kiddos how to give. They really enjoy making home made gifts at Christmas and Birthdays. My 11yodd just gives me stuff for the fun of it. I love that attitude!

    Good job mommy — teaching to give. GREAT PLAN!


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