Virus troubles

Homeschoolblogger has had some trouble with virus attacks and will be disabling Java again. Click here for the news. Thanks HSB tech-folk for keeping things safe! My word of the day and verse of the day may vanish again, but they are just fluffy little extras.

We prairiefrogs have been battling a virus too. The children just had a couple days of mild colds, and quickly bounced back, but I’ve been less resilient. It is rough being old.

Ken’s been somewhat under the weather as well, and even stayed home a few days, which is rare for him. We’ve been doing some fun craft projects, as well as enjoying just being together. The big girls are huge helpers, and Ken and I have been able to each help with what the other can’t manage. Family teamwork has been a great joy!

Ken’s doing better and returned to work last night, then before going to bed this morning he “did school” with the children while I fought a nasty migraine. Three cheers for a great homeschool dad!


2 thoughts on “Virus troubles

  1. you've been under the weather! It is difficult enough to be pregnant, but adding in a virus and a headache is just misery.
    Yeah for family teamwork!

  2. We are currently battling a virus here! Yikes!

    Praying that you are all well, by now!

    How is your pregnancy going? How long to go? What names are you considering?

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