George Washington’s teeth?

Today the big girls got to go to the dentist!  Odd children that they are, they’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. Fortunately, they weren’t disappointed. Kaira and Kendra are both grinning extra wide and and checking the mirror to see their teeth shine, while recounting the thrills of chairs that go up and down, tickly tooth brushes, water squirters, and mouth vacuums!  (No, the dentist didn’t do anything special to engage the children–they just tend to find fun in the strangest places.)  They are also VERY proud of their new toothbrushes.  (Not much different than their old toothbrushes, but they are new and therefore quite cool!)

In loosely related news, giving the children a calendar of their own has proven beneficial. As I was updating their paperwork at the dentist’s office, I hesitated trying to remember today’s date.  Kendra came to my rescue, informing me that it is the 19th.   Her attentiveness was to enlighten me further when we stopped by the mail box on the way home.  Discovering there had been no mail delivery, I pondered aloud, “Hmmm… I wonder if it is a government holiday.” Once again Kendra piped up, “It is President’s Day!”

Oh yeah! President’s day! I wish it had dawned on me sooner, as I’d could have featured presidents in our school time. Maybe I could have combined dental education with presidential education and done a lesson on George Washington’s false teeth!

At least if I loose track of the date the 5 year old can set me straight.


One thought on “George Washington’s teeth?

  1. My children LOVE going to the dentist… even though it means 3 hours of doing school work in the dentist office while all five of them take turns getting cleanings/check-ups. They all cheer when I tell them its that time again! LOL!

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