Reading about the Caesars

Yesterday we read about Julius Caesar; Today featured Caesar Augustus.  The girls were quite excited to hear his name, and quoted to me the passage in Luke leading up to Christ’s birth,  “And it came to pass, in those days, that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed…”

They are delighted, because they’ve been anticipating putting a nativity figure on the timeline since we began our history blitz.

And, pregnacy cravings are still in force.  My main thoughts on our recent history studies have been of Orange Julius and Caesar Salad.  Both sound good.  (Not necessarily together.)


3 thoughts on “Reading about the Caesars

  1. Hi Dell, I have been wondering about your tour of world history: are you using just the timeline figures to guide you, supplemented with your coffe table books, or do you have another world history or curriculum type book you're using? We are not doing much world history this year, but I am eagerly anticipating starting it next year! Thanks, Veronica

  2. I had to chuckle at "Orange Julius" and "Caesar salad"! Pregnancy does indeed take the mind captive, doesn't it?
    What a joy! How exciting! Babies are such a blessing from the Lord!
    ~Cheryl…whose "baby" will be six-years-old this spring

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