Positive dance report

Kaira and Kendra enjoyed their dance classes!

Keegan and Keianna were good as gold, sitting through an hour and a half of lessons–just watching quietly, then playing a bit with some things in the diaper bag near the end. They were a little harder to handle once I got them HOME, but nothing a little extra training didn’t mend.  (And Kaira and Kendra, grateful to dance, pitched in and were great helpers!)  All the children are usually all fantastic for outings.  I’m just wimpy about all the buckling, hauling, and routine disruption.

School is moving right along! I need to get pages put in the children’s history notebooks, and update the timeline here on the blog too.

The children have enjoyed having a calendar in the playroom! It has the extra benefit of being a Learning Calendar with historic information, but most of all, it has been great for helping them grasp the flow of days and weeks. If you have an extra calendar from the bank or anywhere, I’d suggest placing it on the preschooler’s bedroom or playroom wall!  I’m always losing track of the day of the week and month, but the children are always able to fill me in!


One thought on “Positive dance report

  1. I'm glad they enjoyed their dance class and that it went smoothly. I can't say that I handled my outing ordeal with grace. I scolded my kids. I kept thinking "I need to give thanks in all circumstances" but I was really stressed out at the time.

    I'm a wimp about outings too. Sophie's cello teacher has been pressuring us to do Suzuki group lessons. They are 1/2 hour away through rush hour traffic. We did it once. I told her that the cost outweighs the benefits for our whole family.

    BTW, I just bought some blue nylon webbing at Ace Hardware this weekend so that I can try the line training with Logan that you described. What size of square did you make?

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