Dancing in anticipation!

We are pretty selective about our “going” and “doing”, but I’d been wishing for local WorshipDance classes since we moved to Wyoming. Several years ago, in Colorado, we had the opportunity to see this lovely approach toward dance, and were impressed. The whole “tone” is so modest! Not merely the attire, but the very movements, attitudes, and countenances of the dancers give glory to God.  Alas, there wasn’t anything like this locally, and while some homeschoolers in our town drive an hour each way for classes, that wasn’t a good option for us.

Last month I discovered that a homeschool mother/daughter team here in town will be offering WorshipDance through the homeschool group! The timing is… well, awful! *Laugh* It will run from February through May, meaning that I’ll be cumbersomely pregnant for the first few months, then tending a newborn for the duration.

Still, Kaira and Kendra are so excited, it makes the sacrifice worthwhile! Dance lessons start on Tuesday, and already my girls are dancing in anticipation!


3 thoughts on “Dancing in anticipation!

  1. For a while we had a homeschool teen giving ballet lessons to other home school girls. The little girls LOVED it! It was a neat experience here. I pray your girls really enjoy it and learn something to boot!

    Let me see… I think I got tired of the running thither and yon… I prefer to just stay home… but this experience I just couldn't duplicate.


  2. On my google page I see, "note to those who have e-mailed", but when I click it and come to your blog. Nothing. Maybe I can't see it because I haven't e-mailed? Hmmm…

    anyway… so glad to hear you are healthy and gaining weight! Ü Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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